The Key to a Healthy Color-Treated Head of Hair Is Patience

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  • 20 Sep, 2017
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The saying “Good things come to those who wait” applies to nearly all aspects of life, and dying your hair is no exception. Coloring your hair is exciting, and regardless if you do it yourself at home or have it done professionally at a salon, you usually can’t wait to see the end result. But before you jump the gun and decide to re-color it whenever you feel, it’s important to remain patient and allow enough time for your hair to recover from the damage caused by the chemical process.

How Long Should You Typically Wait Before Re-Coloring Your Hair?

Because no two individual’s hair is exactly alike, there’s no clear, set-in-stone answer as to how long you should wait before re-coloring your hair; it all depends on the type and condition of your hair. That said, even the healthiest heads of hair can become noticeably damaged if dyed too often, so it’s generally recommended not to color treat your hair more than once every five to six weeks. If your roots begin to show before this wait time is up, opt for DIY touch-up kits, spray-on root concealers, hair mascara or other nifty and easy-to-find products to hide the mismatched roots between color treatments.

Why is it so important to wait this recommended length of time between coloring sessions? Coloring your hair too frequently can cause your hair to swell, dry out and become visibly damaged, producing the opposite result of what you originally hoped for: a beautiful, vibrant head of hair.

If you’re someone who simply cannot wait five to six weeks before re-dying or completely changing your hair color, you may want to consider a demi-permanent hair dye instead. These dyes contain fewer harsh chemicals and will begin to fade after about 24 washes, making it easier and less damaging to re-color your hair more often.

Additional Tips to Keep Your Color-Treated Hair Looking Fabulous

     ·Wait at least 24 hours (48 is optimal) before washing your hair after coloring it

     · If possible, avoid shampooing your dyed hair more than three times a week (especially if you have a vibrant color like red)

     · Always use conditioner whenever you shampoo your dyed hair

     · Avoid washing your hair with excessively hot water, as it can make your color fade faster and cause your hair to become dryer and more brittle

          o Pro tip: wash with warm water to remove dirt and product buildup then finish your shower by rinsing with cool water to add shine, lock in moisture and reduce frizz

     · Use heat-protecting products to protect both color-treated and natural hair from heat damage when using hot tools

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