CHI Partner School

Hairdresser Farouk Shami created CHI products
to serve a distinct purpose.

Hairdresser Farouk Shami | CHI® Hair Care
"I began Farouk Systems on a mission and a dream. My mission and dream was to provide my fellow hair artists with a safer workplace environment free of harsh chemicals, advanced knowledge through education and new professional-only systems that could not be duplicated at home. This is why Farouk Systems’ mission statement has always been and still is: Environment, Education and Ethics. "

– Farouk Shami

Houston Training Schools use high-quality CHI hair care products and equipment to ensure our clients’ hair is treated with natural, organic-based compounds and nutrients without the harsh chemicals. We strive to instill these values and dedication to quality products in every student at HTS. 

Contact us today to speak with one of our staff about CHI products, the CHI system and why CHI partner schools are superior institutions for cosmetology and beauty education programs.

HTS Launch Party 2017

Congratulations, Oralia Carranza !

Houston Training Schools is Proud to Recognize Oralia Carranza from our Gessner campus as CHI’s Instructor of the Year for 2017!

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