Branching Out Into a Career as an Esthetician

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  • 04 Dec, 2017
Career Opportunities for an Esthetician

Becoming an esthetician is more than just working in a salon. Estheticians have several opportunities to branch out within the industry and enter a myriad of different roles, from sales to management and even working for local government board organizations. Here are some of the careers estheticians can enter or transition to.

Types of Career Opportunities for Esthetician License Holders

     · Makeup artistry – Estheticians can use their makeup backgrounds to teach clients about the best types of makeup for their skin tone and facial bone structure. Teaching opportunities include showing proper face cleansing and makeup application techniques, making recommendations on tools and brands to purchase and selling products to customers.

     · Spa or salon owner – For estheticians who acquire long-term experience in the business, opening a spa or salon is a great career option. Owners can still work with clientele by administering treatments and providing services while also overseeing and managing staff. Being an owner allows estheticians who want the option to switch between hands-on treatments and a managerial role focused on training, marketing and overseeing day-to-day operations.

     · Esthetics instructor – Estheticians can use their education and the skills they’ve developed on the job to segue into a teaching career. As an educator, instructors can share and teach their skills to aspiring estheticians, beauty sales representatives and burgeoning makeup artists. An alternate teaching path includes brand and sales training.


     · State board licensing examiner – Trained estheticians with years of experience, certifications and licensing can become state board licensing examiners after passing a board exam. Inspectors travel to different beauty salons and spas to ensure each business is adhering to health and safety regulations enacted by state law.

     · Beauty industry blogger, vlogger or writer – Estheticians with a knack for writing can blend their skill sets to become trusted voices in media. An in-depth knowledge of makeup and esthetic techniques combined with excellent grammar and storytelling abilities make a person an ideal candidate for writing blogs or articles for beauty publications and providing advice and insights on the latest trends, techniques and products in the industry. Estheticians who are experts at applying makeup can film, post and monetize tutorials on creating different looks on sites like YouTube and Vimeo.


     · Brand representatives – Estheticians who have experience in using and applying products from a particular brand can become sales representatives for beauty brands. Experience using specific products provides estheticians with valuable insights, giving them the ability to clearly explain the value and intricacies of a brand’s products and wow buyers with their expertise and knowledge.

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Becoming an esthetician is more than just working in a salon. Estheticians have several opportunities to branch out within the industry and enter a myriad of different roles, from sales to management and even working for local government board organizations. Here are some of the careers estheticians can enter or transition to.

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